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Our Recommended Books on Finance, Wealth Management, and Success

Essential Readings to Empower Your Financial Journey

For our clients at Madison Wealth Managers, who are continually seeking to enhance their financial literacy and success, we've curated a list of seminal books that provide invaluable insights into the art of financial planning and the keys to successful wealth management. These titles are selected to complement our services, offering a deeper understanding of the principles behind retirement planning, investment strategies, tax optimization, risk management, and other topics where money and wealth is involved. Engaging with these readings will empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your finances and inspire confidence in your financial future. Whether you're new to financial planning or looking to broaden your understanding, these books serve as a vital resource on your path to financial independence and prosperity.

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 Financial Planning

A Guide to the Planning Process

All too often the most common mistake made in planning your financial future is not having a plan in the first place. A financial plan is simply a road map of where you want to be financially at some point in the future. A comprehensive financial plan will help you understand your current financial position and guide you on what additional steps are needed to reach your specific goals.

Financial Life Lessons for Young Adults

A Guide to Financial Freedom
Almost everyone we speak with is amazed that our high schools and colleges do not require any of the curriculum to be spent on real world financial education. This book addresses topics that every young adult should know as they head into the real world, equipping them with the information necessary to make sound financial decisions.

The Financial ABCs

A Financial Recovery Guide
The majority of Americans are very familiar with the concept of carrying debt in virtually all aspects of life. From college loans, to mortgages, and credit cards the list of lenders that you may owe goes on and on. You’ve also likely experienced the stress associated with the snowball effect of this mounting personal debt. This book is intended to help you gain financial freedom and create a successful financial plan for the future.

Investment Fundamentals

A Complete Guide to Develop Your Personalized Investment Strategy
Everyone has an opinion on investing. Your neighbor, your brother-in-law the mailman. The problem? The Capital markets are fickle and what works for one person may not work for another. We breakdown the major areas of investing and what you need to consider to build the best possible portfolio given your personal considerations.

Retirement Fundamentals

A Guide to IRAs, 401Ks & Efficient Wealth Distribution
Teaches you how to protect your savings & avoid costly errors when taking distributions from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. For you, your spouse and generations to come.

College Planning

A Complete Guide to 529 Plans & Much More
Your child’s college tuition could be one of the largest investments you ever make. Fortunately there are more saving options than ever before. Gain a better understanding of each choice (specific to each states), along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Maximize Your Social Security

An In-Depth Look at Retirement Income Strategies
There are 81 Social Security filing options for married couples. Maximize your Social Security informs you of all available options that may help you uncover tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional benefits.

Maximize Your Medicare

A How-To-Guide to Help You Plan for Medicare
A how-to-guide to help you plan for Medicare and file at the correct times thus insuring yourself against the huge financial burden that could be incurred without the proper medical insurance plan in place. With medical costs potentially being one of your largest expenses in retirement this is a must read.

Estate Planning

How to Preserve & Maximize Family Wealth
No matter how large or modest, everyone has an estate. Learn how to minimize how much you pay in taxes, legal fees and court costs when passing your assets to loved ones. If you don’t have a plan, your state has one for you but you probably won’t like it.

401K Solutions

A Guide for Fiduciaries
Every American needs to save for retirement but the road to those savings is paved with laws and rules every business owner needs to understand to give employees the best possible retirement benefits.